Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lauren's Thoughtful Spot

Tonight I went to my Thoughtful Spot (like Pooh) and sat thinking for a while. I'm wondering, am I too idealistic? Am I crazy to want to get a Masters and a Doctorate, and have an awesome career? Is it too big a dream to want to change the world (without going into politics)? I have a list of life goals, things like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, seeing a pro football game (Broncos, of course), visiting six of the seven continents, getting a doctorate, and getting something I wrote published. Are they too much? Are my standards in dates and myself too high? I really do want to see world peace and freedom and provision for everyone. Am I naievely hoping for too much? Or is it really possible to be that happy and accomplish that much? I'll have to keep thinking about whether this is possible, but until I figure it out, I'm going with the assumption that it is possible, and I'm going to keep striving for it.

Happy thoughts for the day: I got the pictures and addresses from the ASP staff this afternoon, which was happy, plus the $50 bonus check (WOOHOO!!!). Also, I ate pizza and watched a movie with KJ, and I went to see the study abroad advisor, which has me even more excited about next fall. Plus, tomorrow Saved comes out, and I only have one class. Hooray for friends and the future and my life.

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