Monday, April 18, 2005


So, it's been nearly 3 weeks now and I've decided to post the answers to the movie quotes quiz. (And I just can't handle any more sociology papers at this moment and this is a way to procrastinate since SOME of you haven't updated your blog recently so I don't have any good reading material.)

Without further ado, the answers:

1) Someone Like You
2) Joe vs. the Volcano
3) VeggieTales: Rack, Shack, and Benny
4) Sabrina (the old one with Audrey Hepburn)
5) Saved!
6) Robin Hood: Men in Tights
7) The Princess Bride
8) 1776
9) First Wives' Club
10) The Princess Diaries
11) Aladdin
12) The Philadelphia Story
13) Pride and Prejudice (the A&E Miniseries)
14) Thoroughly Modern Millie (the movie)
15) Love Actually
16) Those Magnificent Men in the Flying Machines
17) The Great Race
18) The Trouble with Angels
19) That Touch of Mink
20) The Mask of Zorro
21) Keeping the Faith
22) The Great Muppet Caper
23) Adam's Rib
24) A League of Their Own
25) Chocolat
26) My Fair Lady
27) Toy Story
28) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
29) The Music Man
30) The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)
31) Hook
32) Half-Baked
33) Robin Williams: Live on Broadway
34) The Rescuers Down Under
35) Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bonus (and I owe Vegas and Rachel dinner for this one): The Chipmunk Adventure

No, Bear, you don't pass with a 3/35, even with the curve. I would recommend any/all of these movies, with the possible exception of Half-Baked. But, heck, if you're tired, watch that one too.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled homework.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Odes, Proposals, and the KKK

Ode to the Dorms
I just realized that I'm in my last month of ever living in the dorms. While I'm excited to be finally escaping this strange form of pseudo-cohabitation with terrible food, I have to admit my love for that silly brick-and-cement-block place that has been my home for 3 years: the FARC. The FARC, not to be confused with the Columbian revolutionary forces, is the Fine Arts dorm on campus. While I'm not really an artist or a musician (at least not anymore) this place has served as my home for the better part of three years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine another place on campus that's, to quote Cheers "somewhere where everybody knows you're name". FARC is a unique place where everything goes, except being normal. If you're strange, quirky, creative, or otherwise cool, you belong in FARC. FARC is the kind of place where building four 20-year olds (I'm rounding up for you, KJ!) building a cardboard castle is considered very cool. It's the only res hall I can think of where the doors really ARE open with the open door policy, and people have no anxiety about walking straight into your room and simply beginning a conversation. Sure, the close atmosphere can cause terrible ingrown gossip, but it's also a support network like none other. Where else does the guy who sings Klingon folk songs live across the hall from a brilliant artist and two doors down from an aspiring screenwriter and an almost normal-seeming journalist? I have years of amazing memories of FARC, but the best are: streakers, 10:00 club, writers club, learning to crochet, pies in the face, dunk tanks, cardboard castles, euchre nights, gallon challenge, movie nights, and endless conversations with the coolest people I know. Thanks to all the people who have made FARC home for the last 3 years.

Decent Proposal
First, before you get the wrong idea, I have NOT been proposed to, nor did I propose to anyone, nor does this have anything whatsoever to do with sex. I would merely like to recommend that anyone who ever plans on proposing to anyone should check out my genius cousin's recommendations. ( For real, yo. Very smart girl, my cousin.

Is that the KKK?
One of my school's great traditions is Tap Day, when the six secret honor societies announce their newest members to the campus community. Now, I'll admit that I don't adhere to very many school traditions. I went to Tiger Walk when I was a freshman and I've been to a few football games. I plan to go to Senior Send-off and graduation, but other than that I'm a slacker. However, I did take part in Tap Day on Friday. I got tapped by Mortar Board, but that's not the interesting part. The fascinating part of this is the responses I got from my friends. One of the rules of a "secret" society is that new members aren't allowed to tell anyone other than their parents about their membership until they're revealed on Tap Day. This puts several of us in a conundrum, wanting our friends to be there without being able to tell them to come. So, I tried to ask people about the event to get their takes beforehand. The amusing thing was that the response was often "No, I don't know anyone who'd ever get tapped!" or "What the heck is Tap Day?". My personal favorite was, from the people I talked to about it afterward but who didn't go, "Yeah, I walked by the Quad, but it looked like some sort of weird KKK meeting or cult ritual or something." To which I had to respond that I was one of the weirdos in the robes and hoods. The responses were classic, really. Though, before I forget, I want to say thanks to the folks who guessed/figured it out and showed up: Chris, KJ, Stef, Rachee, Vegas, Katie, Kris, Mike, Andy, Bina, and Chrissy.

Quote of the Week
This quote is entirely unrelated to the above post, but I really like the song ("No Life Without Wife") and movie (Bride and Prejudice), so I'm throwing it in for the fun of it:
"I want a man who gives some back,
Who talks to me and not my rack.
I want a man who likes to cook,
Who'll talk to me and share my books.
I who's light and free
Who'll hold my hand walk the world with me."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Current Events

Yeah, it's been two weeks since my last post, which makes me feel a little like a tool. And, again, I could list all of my excuses for not writing, but who wants to hear that?

In case you missed the celebrations and tours, KJ, Chris, Kevin and I completed our castle. We built a 4x8x6 ft. castle out of PVC pipe and cardboard. Then we put paper on the walls and painted it in fun and exciting ways. It was an incredibly fun process and it makes me really happy to think about having a castle. I know, I'm a kindergartener, but you wouldn't want it any other way. Or I like to think you wouldn't.

It's official, I'm GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA! Three months from today, I'll be in Cape Town to study and do my capstone, and I'm SO excited. I should be terrified (the study abroad information session told me so) but I'm just not feeling the apprehension yet. Of course, I'm sure I'll be terrified when the time comes, but for the moment, I'm more excited than I can even explain. I'm off to get books on RSA tonight, so watch out for me to start spewing facts about South Africa at every opportunity.

I always feel like I'm counting down to something, but I can't help it, I'm almost always excitedly looking forward to something. Anyway, the current countdowns are for the end of the school year (4 weeks!) and South Africa (2.5 months!) Not to mention that between now and my departure for RSA, I've got two trips to Cedar Point, a family vacation to the east coast, Ohio UM Annual Conference, and my Emmaus Walk. I'm incredibly psyched.

Chasing the skirt?
It has come to my attention recently (brought up in several conversations in different contexts)that most of my friends in college can count on one hand the number of times they've seen me in skirts. There are several reason for this:
1) Skirts aren't very comfortable, particularly in the winter. Pantyhose SUCK, so I nearly always refuse to wear skirts in the winter. I occasionally wear skirts in the summer, but they're still more effort than pants.
2) I want to be able to take off running, climbing, or frolicking at a moment's notice. This is not to say that I run often, but I can't stand the idea of having my actions limited by clothing. I think this stems from elementary school when I didn't want to wear skirts because I wouldn't be able to play freely during recess. Somehow that mindset has stuck with me WAY past the years of recess, but there you have it.
3) If clothes are really a form of self-expression (usually for me expressing laziness), skirts simply do not express who I am. I'm not girly enough to wear a skirt to express myself. It doesn't fit my personality.
4) If guys don't have to wear skirts, why do I have to?
So, I wear skirts only when the occasion calls for it specifically. I have resolved, however, to wear a skirt once in a while just to show that I do, in fact, have legs. After all, when my closest friends start to doubt the presence of my appendages, something is wrong. So, by special request, skirts.