Saturday, October 23, 2004

Painfully Busy

First, I have to apologize (again) for not blogging for a really long time (again). You see, I got a promotion at work that means training and more hours. And then there's the fact that we had midterms and papers and stuff. Add to that Wesley, several important birthdays, and football season, and you've got a recipe for my insanity. You didn't miss any really big news, though, I'm still getting ripped to pieces by Greek and History, trying to arrange study abroad and seminary, and worrying about the upcoming election.

I've been reading a book entitled Grace, by Mary Cartledgehayes. It is the memoirs of a female United Methodist minister. I really enjoy it because the priciple character is somewhat liberal and feminist, but also very deeply rooted in her faith. Finally I feel as though someone else understands what I'm going through as a liberal, feminist, Christian woman. I get to hear about the courage of another woman in the ministry. I get to read about her struggles and triumphs, challenges and encouragements, and how she responds to the call. The author is extremely talented. This is a book that I would recommend very highly.

Well, back to papers and work. To quote, well, somebody, "I'll be back."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Decision: Off the Market

I have made a big decision: I am not going to get into a relationship for the next two years. So far everyone I have told of this decision has looked at me as though I'm nuts, questioned me disbelievingly, or outright laughed. But, logistically speaking, it makes a lot of sense. Check it out:

First, I'm insanely busy right now. I'm taking 17 hours, starting a new 15-hour-a-week job, working as a Peer Minister and StuCo President at Wesley, trying to get through the Inquiry Process for Ministry, planning/preparing for/applying for study abroad and seminary, and attempting to have a social life. I really don't need the extra stress and time usage.

Second, my life is way too unstable to get attached to someone else. I'm only going to be here at school for the rest of the semester, then home for break for three weeks, then here for another semester, then back home for a month, then I'll disappear to South Africa for a semester, then I'll have one more semester at school before I graduate and go somewhere else entirely for seminary.

Third, I am in a stage of commitmentphobia. I hate feeling tied up. I haven't seen enough of the world to know what I want for sure yet, so how can I make a commitment to one person? Maybe someday I'll be willing to limit my options to one person, but at this point I don't want to do it. Maybe I haven't met the right person, maybe I'm not mature enough, maybe I'm too picky, maybe I'm destined to be single forever. I don't know. But regardless, this is my decision for now.

Don't hold me to this, obviously, as situations change and extraneous circumstances prevail. But for the moment, I'm not interested in relationships with anyone. Singlehood and friendship suit me fine. (And maybe a little random making out....;-) Just kidding...mostly...)

That's all for now. Hope your week wraps up well!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Spewing Nonsensical Jumble

My head is incredibly jumbled, with the result that I'm simply going to spill thoughts, not in complete sentences or even properly expressed, simply to get them out of my head and onto (virtual) paper. So, don't worry if this makes no sense to you, it's here because it doesn't even make sense to me. Here goes.

Boys. WTF? How does this happen? Massive confusion. Timing is terrible. Flowers, conversations, and singlehood. Now is not the time for romantic relationships in my life, is it? So many W's! What else, if anything, is out there?

Classes. 19 hours? 17 hours? 16 hours? Greek? Infamous Trials? Gen. Ed.s? Classes in my major? How much can I handle at once? What is necessary?

New job. Excited, but scared to death. Is it too much? Can I supervise? New place, new position, new responsibilities, new people. Yikes.

This semester. Why are classes going so badly all at once? Is there even a reason to go to history class?

Other stuff: Study Abroad. ASP. Friends. Weight. Family. Politics. Religion. Seminary. Candidacy. Wesley. Reading. Apartments. Money. The distant future.

Thank God for Ashley, KJ, and Caleb.

I need to sleep on this. I'm out.

Friday, October 08, 2004


I have discovered over the last three years (my entire college life) that many words take on a new meaning in college, and other words and phrases are isolated just to college campuses in general and my campus in particular. So, here I will endeavor to record this new vocabulary. There are sure to be more installments coming as I learn new things.

Acquaintance: (n.) A person that one knows under specific circumstances, but whom one does not confide in or spend time with regularly. This may have earlier been or may later become a friend (see below) but is not necessarily synonymous with said condition.

Badunkadunk: (n.) A particularly large and round posterior; large buttocks. Controversy continues to swirl over whether or not such a feature is attractive.

Cafeteria: (n.) A place on campus at which one may use one's meal plan to receive often undesirable food. Though this name is outlawed by University practice, its usage far outstrips that of the University-preferred term: Dining Hall.

Essay: (n.) The opportunity to spew random facts and the professor's own ideas back at him/her under the pretext of a "well thought-out, grammatically correct, and legible" series of paragraphs.

Friend: (n.) 1) A person in whom one confides. 2) A person that one enjoys spending time with on a regular basis.

Home: (n.) 1) The place from which one hails, usually the student's most recent residence prior to arrival at college. 2) Wherever student is living at present, be it residence hall, apartment, rental house, or car. 3) Where your rump rests.

Make-out: (v.) To kiss passionately for a period of time exceeding 5 minutes.

Pizza (n.) A food, often delivered, which is consumed by college students at least once a week and often at strange hours, such as 3 a.m., 10:30 a.m., or 2 p.m. This food is appropriate for all locations, times, and situations, and comes in varieties of price-ranges.

Registration: The bi- or tri-annual ritual of racing other computer-users to claim enrollment slots in classes for the coming semester. This often involves chasing professors in order to obtain overrides, fighting antiquated computer systems, searching frantically to discover the identity of one's advisor, and the development of ulcers.

Responsible: (n.) One who only gets involved in what they can handle and organizedly handles that which they take on. Note the emphasis on limited involvement. This is key for acheiving the title of "responsible" Also note that Responsible has nothing to do with living in Responsibility dorm.

Sick: (adj.) 1. Experiencing temporary poor health as a result of bacterial or viral infection. 2. Experiencing temporary poor health due to overconsumption of alcohol or drugs. 3. Disgusting; gross 4. Paper, project, or studying is incomplete.

Stressed: (adj.) The state of discomfort that ensues when a student has three or more major tests or projects due the following morning.

Clearly this is not a complete list. New words will be added as they arise and as time permits. If you have a word to add, feel free to leave it in the comments. For now, I'm getting my badunkadunk out of here.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Amish...or Not

I am mad at technology. Microsoft Office has decidedly stopped working, so I am contemplating becoming Amish. Here I will weigh the positive and negative aspects of such an idea.

Positives: First, the food. Amish cheese, Amish butter, Amish ham, fresh produce, all straight from the farm that you're living on. Talk about good eating. Then there's the whole anti-vanity thing. I'd never have to see another mirror, so I'd never know when I was having a bad hair day, or a break out, or anything annoying like that. Plus they're really devoted to God, so that'd be a great atmosphere. And I like horses and farm animals.

Negatives: Farm hours, which means early to bed and early to rise...not my type of thing. Also, Amish women are cooks, bakers, babysitters, seamstresses, and birthing machines. I can't do that. I am none of those things, and I don't really have any desire to be any of those things. On top of that, I'd have to wear dresses all the time. I hate dresses. I would probably break out in a rash because of all the dress-wearing. Not to mention the lack of medical care, the lack of cell phone, the lack of higher education, the lack of pictures, the lack of color, and the lack of blog.

OK, forget it. I'd die as an Amish person. Not that I don't love the Amish, I admire their determination. But it might have been a LITTLE impetuous of me to decide that the evils of Microsoft are a good reason to join an Amish community. Just a little. Lauren as Amish:Browns winning Super Bowl -- Not even in the realm of imagination.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lauren's Thoughtful Spot

Tonight I went to my Thoughtful Spot (like Pooh) and sat thinking for a while. I'm wondering, am I too idealistic? Am I crazy to want to get a Masters and a Doctorate, and have an awesome career? Is it too big a dream to want to change the world (without going into politics)? I have a list of life goals, things like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, seeing a pro football game (Broncos, of course), visiting six of the seven continents, getting a doctorate, and getting something I wrote published. Are they too much? Are my standards in dates and myself too high? I really do want to see world peace and freedom and provision for everyone. Am I naievely hoping for too much? Or is it really possible to be that happy and accomplish that much? I'll have to keep thinking about whether this is possible, but until I figure it out, I'm going with the assumption that it is possible, and I'm going to keep striving for it.

Happy thoughts for the day: I got the pictures and addresses from the ASP staff this afternoon, which was happy, plus the $50 bonus check (WOOHOO!!!). Also, I ate pizza and watched a movie with KJ, and I went to see the study abroad advisor, which has me even more excited about next fall. Plus, tomorrow Saved comes out, and I only have one class. Hooray for friends and the future and my life.